About Mona Jain

“If you are strong, focused and passionate about what you want to do, everything falls into place.” Mona Jain was married in her early 20’s and also became a mother soon. But she always knew she was not going to be a housewife only, all her life. She fought against all the odds and ultimately became an artist in herself. As it is rightly said, only dead fish goes with the flow, Mona never let the challenges overcome her aspirations. She started studying Fine Arts even after 20years of her married life, managing all the task of a wife, mother & daughter-in-law.

Mona Jain is an accomplished artist from culturally rich central part of India. While completing her degree in literature she had began her art journey and acquired drawing and paintings skills from art college in Indore , got post graduate course from Rachana Sansad College of Arts Mumbai and honed her painting skills from J J School of Art. She has been participating in solo and group shows in Indore , Bhopal Delhi Baroda Ahmedabad. and other art hubs in India.
With her fine brush strokes she got many assignments for portrait paintings in oil colours as a result many of her works now grace corporate and individual walls. With her spiritual quest and efforts to search her own identity , she has now shifted from realistic to abstract paintings and exploring her surroundings on canvas.Her journey from realistic to abstract is quite amazing and make art lovers and Connosier take her work seriously. Her works are available on her website

My paintings

Mona Jain is indeed a very talented artist. Her paintings speak volumes of her creativity. Her simplicity and passion can be seen in her art. Truely very inspiring.

Aneel Upadhyay

I have seen journey of Mona Madam as an artist right from beginning. She had developed her painting skills with Great Devotion, Sincerity & Passion. She had become a Great Arist now. Its really unbelievable performance in a short period of time. I wish her a Great Success as an Artist

Jayant vani

Spiritual paintings or abstract in any form her art shade of colours speak. Gifted with a great talent.

Aashutosh Koushik